CES 2017


With 2017 fastly approaching we are again coming up on another CES in Vegas. I am not sure I will be attending this year but I am certainly hoping to. CES is the largest show held each year in Vegas taking over the city and bringing a ton of new tech.

I have been going to CES every year since 2010 and missed my first show last year and I really missed it. I did end up attending NAB in April, which was a great show, but nothing like the size of CES. Covering CES can be a daunting task if you have never been to a show. The size of CES is something that is very hard to explain, it’s something tech fans need to experience in person. You could spend days in each hall and still not see all that is being offered. From the biggest companies in the world to the newest company hoping to break into with the big boys. Many companies have fallen and never to be seen from again, but a few have rose to see much success.

As I mentioned I was thinking about attending this year but I will not be covering it as I have in years past. As many of you may or may not know I have taken on more of a vlog style in the past few months and I love the raw feel. So many people produce great looking video and spend hours editing but the content is boring and stale. I like to get some conversation going and really get people thinking. I’m not always the most knowledgeable on topics but I am certainly open to what people think and have to say about things.

If I attend will be definitely be looking to talk to other Youtubers on camera asking them about the lastest topics on the minds of the tech community. Of course I will be checking out the latest and greatest and bringing what I think is cool to you. Of course if you have something you heard will be there feel free to hit me up on twitter @techexamined and I will check it out.