iPhone X PreOrder Experience

It’s that time of the year again.. for the second time this year. The Apple Preorder event that occurred twice this year. The iPhone 8’s didn’t seem to be in a real demand as we didn’t hear too many complaints. However, the fear mongoring put out there by so called “analysts” and “Rumor” sites made it seem like Apple had a severe shortage on iPhone X’s. So much so there were reports backorders could go into 2018. 

As usual they were wrong, to an extent. Because of the fear they put into people about the shortage any little problem was magnified 10 times. From the site being slow to update to carriers having server issues. Nothing new from any launch in years past. It is certainly annoying and if people had to have the phone on launch day it made for some excessive crying on twitter.  


I have been apart of the Apple Upgrade program for a few years now. Last year was completely unorganized and actually kept me from being to upgrade the phone for a launch day release. Instead I had to buy a phone outright to get one on day one.  

This year was a different story. Apple did a great job setting up the preorder process for the program. I was able to get all the info and approvals out of the way days before the preorder. All I had to do the morning of the preorder was wait for the app to go live and simply click submit and I was done. 


As seen in the screenshots above the Apple Store app for me came up at 3:04 and at 3:05 I was done and my order was in. Shortly after I received the confirmation email showing my delivery date of Nov 3rd. Also, since I have a UPS account anytime someone creates a label to my address I get a notification right away on my app. So my phone has already shipped and will be here Friday. 

Lets hope the quality of the iPhone X is what we have come to expect from Apple. I am sure people will be looking it over with a fine tooth comb to see what is wrong with it so they can complain about a 1K plus phone.