I have been creating tech videos since January 2009. Most of those videos were painful to watch but I learned so much from them over the years. I have also made so many great friends over the years that if Youtube were to go away tomorrow I would be happy knowing I got something more out of it then creating content. When I started on the platform I was in it to just get information out about the things I used. It started to grow into something more especially when I was approved for the partner program and could get my own branded channel and post longer than 10 minute videos. Oh and of course start monetizing my videos. Yes that wasn’t the first thing I cared about.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 3.18.32 PM.png

Youtube has changed so much since 2009, when I started. In August of 2010 Jonathan Morrison AKA TLDTODAY, at his start, made me a channel banner. YES that Jonathan. The way the channel art use to work was so hard to figure out I welcomed anyone who knew what the heck they were doing to make my page look good. Jon was one of the great people I met over the years who I would call a great friend and I love seeing him and the other TLD crew just crushing it on Youtube!

These days the channels are pretty much layed out the same but the banners can still be customized and are much easier to do so. I can create them myself but there are many super talented people who are way better than me. My banner now was created by a great friend who is called BK42 on youtube. He created my banner during a live stream and blew me away. When my channel was focused mostly on vlogs and a little on tech he customized in such a way I could brand both in one banner but people could easily see which video was which.

So as 2018 winds down and I look back. I have focused most of my year on vlogs and managed to meet a whole new crop of friends who have helped me refocus on what is important and hopefully will allow me to see more growth in 2019. With a better understanding of how the analytic side of Youtube works I am giving it a big push to see if I take my time on things like content, thumbnails and branding I can bring my tech channel back from the Youtube Grave. BK42 has created me another awesome banner that will go back to Tech Examined and this wonder banner he made for the Michael T Panetta vlog brand will go to my vlog channel where i will continue to have fun collabing and creating some fun videos.

I look forward to writing more and seeing if the challenges I have set for myself now will be much bigger at the end of 2019. Who knows, maybe I will finally figure out this game called Youtube and can help others figure it out too. I look forward to the journey and hope to learn and teach along the way